Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Workshop on the constitution of nature in/through discourse

The discursive constitution of nature relations in society  
Workshop at the University of Augsburg, May 12 -13, 2017

Program (German)

In the last three decades, the analysis of environmental discourses has transcended traditional disciplinary boundaries, encompassing perspectives from sociology, political and media science, cultural and historical science, as well as different linguistics variants. This workshop examines the relationship between these very distinct approaches and how each of them affect research projects regarding their potential for intervention, their pursuit of critical and emancipatory interests, and their analytical precision. Debating this as of yet largely unexplored topic of synergy and friction between different environmental discourse research positions is intended to highlight the possibilities and added value inherent in interdisciplinary strategies, not least of all by taking a closer look at existing case studies on a variety of environmental topics (e.g., climate change, energy, environmental activism, etc.).

Note: the workshop's designated lingua franca is German. Please register by e-mail by contacting matthias.sebastian.klaes (at)

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